Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining!

Mute Swan
Poor weather this morning for a one to one workshop in North Yorkshire.
I came close to cancelling a workshop this morning but luckily the weather did pick up soon after 8:00AM. I decided to work on The Castle Howard Estate, mainly around the Great Lake, and planned to shoot some landscapes but the skies were overcast and the light very soft and hazy so we ended up spending quite a lot of time watching and photographing Mute Swans, Moor Hens and Geese. They looked magnificent and two pairs of Swans had gorgeous chicks with them. This photo was taken by my client. I returned alone later in the afternoon to watch and photograph some more. Needless to say that we had a lovely coffee break at the end of the workshop and wound up the morning with a little processing at Leaf and Loaf Cafe/Bakery in Welburn.