A breath of fresh air!

Sandsend February Sunrise
5784 Whitby Piers
I managed this week to get over for a sunrise shoot to Sandsend. Although we are in early February the days are lengthening a little and with sunrise around 7:40 I left home at 5:50. With high tide around 11:00 I was hoping the waves would be starting to break on the edge of the groins and sure enough timing was good. Parking is free in mid-winter plus my good friends Keith and Deborah who run the Wits End Cafe in Sandsend sell the most wonderful bacon butties so I set to work knowing full well that if things didn't work out photographically then at least I had a good breakfast to look forward to! As it turned out the sky was quite nice and the sea reasonably angry so i did manage to make a few nice stock shots. Another reason to get out this week was to test my new 100-400 Canon L lens and so I used it at Sandsend and later for the rooftops at Staithes, though later in the day the skies clouded up, and so I headed back over the moors along Blakey Ridge and back home via Sutton Bank.