A close Shave!

ISO200, f13, 1/400s
Birds in Flight - The Great Lake Castle Howard.
There was a chance for mist and clear skies over North Yorkshire at dawn today so I duly set my alarm for 4:00AM. A clear blue sky ruled out any chance of some nice landscape shots, so after photographing the Mausoleum shrouded in rising mist just before sunrise I scooted down to the lake side and trained my long lens onto these reeds. I have photographed this part of the lake many times and often see swans and geese gliding through the water. After about ten minutes several birds all took off together and I pressed the shutter with motor drive and just hoped there might be one or two good shots in the sequence. I'm pleased to say that there was no collision and this is the best frame from the set! The Great Lake at dawn on a day like today is a magical place to be and I love listening to and watching the birds. Later with deliveries in Thornton Le Dale and Hutton Le Hole, breakfast in Pickering, and then a tea break at Sandsend it was a long drive but what fantastic weather, especially on the coast. Tomorrow will be a lie in!